Live at the Liver of Dixie

by Electric Moon

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On March 23rd, 2013, four disinherited noblelads ascended from their miry gutter-tombs to sing songs of alchemic flame and swallow sonic scimitars in Tuscaloosa's favorite (packed-well-over-legal-capacity) hive of scum and chicanery.

This record is all that remains of that night.


released May 16, 2013

All music and Lyrics composed and performed by Electric Moon.*

Stuart Parker - Vocals / Keyboards / Guitar
Brian Ritchie - Bass Guitar
Michael Ryce - Drums / Percussion
Jake Gordin - Lead Guitar

Live at the Liver of Dixie was recorded at Egan's Bar, in beautiful Tuscaloosa, AL.

Live at the Liver of Dixie was recorded by Eric and Max Blevins.

Live at the Liver of Dixie was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Max Blevins.

* - Except the lyrics to Summertime and Rebel Soldier, which are traditional / ancient (and in the public domain). Electric Moon still arranged and performed the music, though - ya darn goofballs.

Album art by Stuart Parker and Greg Randall.



all rights reserved


Electric Moon Tuscaloosa

Electric Moon formed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama near the end of 2010. Since then, they have established a powerful reputation - both for the carefully constructed nuances of their music, and for their explosive live performances.

Their self-described mission is a simple one:

"Drive thunder and majesty back into rock and roll."
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Track Name: So You'll Stay
I’ll make this easy
Just lie back down and let me say my peace
It’s tough to be me
I’m a wild, rough-and-tumble sort of beast
Oh, but all that’s changin’
I’m writing past the
Prologue in this book on you and I
See? It couldn’t hurt to try

But if you find, on Sunday morning
I’m just the kind of boy
Your parents talked about behind your back

Would you come right out and tell me,
Or would you tease me so?
This Sunday kind of love won’t wait around

I’ll be here waiting
Mostly I’ve got nowhere else to go
You’re such a lady
I never understood, but now I know
Oh, it’s a tough conclusion
Some lessons feel like
Whispers against the shouts that I have heard
“Yes” - such a simple word

So what’s your judgement?
Am I to win or to always be lost?
I've played this gambit
my die is cast - your Rubicon is crossed
Oh, I see you’re smilin’
You say you saw an
Angel on my shoulder yesterday
So, you’ll stay?
Track Name: Oh, Goddess!
We’ll fly
Between the sun and sky
And if you care to try
Then we can set alight the fields at night
To light our way and make our presence known
And send the mice all running home

We’ll scheme
Between the rock and stream
An interrupted dream
And should we start awake a bit too late
We’ll drag the sun back to his proper place
And scold him to his fiery face

And if ever you should think that I could leave you darling, dear
Just open up your heart and plainly see
That there’s nothing that can stand between us
Wrought by nature’s hand
Just say you will, and understand
Be my goddess and I’ll be your man

We’ll play
In oceanic fray
Illusionary spray
And if the seafoam should displease you
We’ll warm it up and make ourselves a cloud
To buffer us from sandy ground

We’ll hide
Inside a great divide
Impossible to find
And should one of us get lonely
The other can just make a silly face
And we’ll laugh aloud to light the place

We’ll go
Where no one else can know
A summer home of snow
And should the walls all seem too frigid
We’ll sing our favorite tune:
“Darling, you’re the one
you’re the moon to my sun
you’re the rhythm to my run”
Until we heat the room
Track Name: Eliza
Come here my darling Eliza,
Sit for a while,
you know it's your smile that I love,
and if you ever get lonely,
just come on for tea
you know you can sip it with me...

Closer my darling Eliza,
no need to say that you care,
I can tell by your come-hither stare,
and if you ever get comely,
no need to be coy,
You know I know you know I'm your boy...

Come here my darling Eliza,
I sing you this song,
we'll walk together in to the dawn,
and if you ever get homely,
just come on for tea,
you know you can sip it with me...

Silver and gold put a price on your soul,
and the lust for it surely enchanting,
but wipe all your plans and remember your man,
they say to blacken your heart is forever...

Come here my darling Eliza,
Sit here my darling Eliza,
I used to be out on my own, out alone, without a home,
I used to be out on my own out all alone but now I have you
Track Name: Red with Love
Darlin', if this reaches you
please know that I am well
they promised us a gun
and a little piece of heaven
but we're still stuck here in hell.
I don't know when I'll make it home
and I pray it won't be long
the odds are good I'll be intact
but I'd rather be dead than wrong.

Don't waste your tears a'wishin', babe -
just hold this truth to heart:
our time together'll be that much sweeter
every moment that we're apart!

My angel, beauty, blushing belle
this war strikes a chord in me
it's fuelin' the fire that you designed
and I'm bringing it back - you'll see.
We'll carry this torch across the city,
our passion's burning sound
and if this town can't hold us together
then we'll burn it right to the ground!

Don't waste your tears a'wishin', babe -
just hold this truth to heart:
our time together'll be that much sweeter
every moment that we're apart!

We'll whisper out our killing song
to the streetlights up above
we'll cut apart our closest friends
'till the streets run red with love!

I know the winds are blowin' hard
and the seas I sail are rough
(and why is it that the tough only get going
when the going's so goddamned tough?)
Well, whenever I should make it back
know that I'll still be your toy -
you'll still be my A-bomb baby,
and I'll still be your Blitzkrieg boy!
Track Name: Half Past Three
The study is dark
and the lamp’s running low
supplying the shadows
and calling the crows

We made you a prisoner
without a reprieve -
fed you full of devices
to keep you deceived.

No rope
could restrain you,
but the one that suspended you
ended you.

Tell me, brave angel,
what secret you saw
when breath and compulsion
screamed out from your maw?

Was enlightenment all that
I hope it will be?
Was silence the answer,
or only the key?

No rope
could restrain you,
but the one that suspended you
ended you.
Track Name: Summertime
It's Summertime
Oh, and the living is easy
Fish are jumping
And the Cotton is high

Your daddy's rich
And your ma is good lookin'
So hush, pretty baby
Don't you cry

One of these mornings
Oh, you're gonna rise up singing
You're gonna spread your wings
And take to the sky

But until that morning
Oh, well's there's nothing that can harm you
With daddy and momma
Standing by
Track Name: OIeander
There’s a fire rising
to the south
and there’s rumors flying by
word of mouth
that the have-nots are just gonna have to
do without
so you’d better call mama and papa, tell ‘em everything ain’t gonna be ok

I can see terror running
right out from your cheeks
you purchased an hour
and got seven weeks
and you wonder how long
can you stall my release
but, my darling these things, well, they take time, you’ll see.

the afternoon sun
plays a wonderful trick
when it snuffs out the candle
and pinches the wick
and the words in the smoke
reading clearly and thick, say:
you belong to me

you pre-matriculate sipper of cigarettes
you always consummate, well-meaning suffragette
how can you know so much and always still forget
you belong to me

There’s a spring in your step
and a bob in your hair
a whispering voice
that compels you to care
while the brimstone rock n’ roll
burns through the air, singing:
you belong to me

the clock hands on the wall
are applauding us all
but they’re pointed at you
always at you

you are the star
in this symphony hall
and it echoes with you
always with you

oh, and they’ll say
our darling

our oleander

you’ve run the numbers
and written the books
you’ll hope that the rope holds
as long as your looks
while you paint up your cheeks
and you sharpen your hooks, knowing
you belong to me
Track Name: Kursk
Dear mother I write you
Your campaigning hero
While drowning my sorrows
Afield, in the west

I hope that this finds you
In good health and smiling
All things in good measure
You always knew best

The men don’t respect me
Though I lay them in laurels
They’re sated in killing -
The devil’s repast

But I drive them onward
They advance in reluctance
And the road signs salute me
When I stagger past

What is the measure of a man?
Is it his heart, or in his hands?
I can’t remember anymore
Please let me know
In your reply

I’ve still been pious
Devout in my prayers
The hymnal devotion
I show in all things

I sing to my rifle
My friend for all seasons
“You served me in winter
Now do so in spring.”

I’ve come to my purpose
This hateful confession
I was made for this madness
So here I must be

But I’ll be remembered
A man in two movement
A prince on the Volga
A god on the Seim

Oh mother, I’m certain
I can’t come home
Be it heaven’s designing
Or hell’s blackened scheme

There is no escaping
I’ve tasted tomorrow
And there’s no room in Russia
For nightmares like me
Track Name: Thunderclap