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There’s a fire rising
to the south
and there’s rumors flying by
word of mouth
that the have-nots are just gonna have to
do without
so you’d better call mama and papa, tell ‘em everything ain’t gonna be ok

I can see terror running
right out from your cheeks
you purchased an hour
and got seven weeks
and you wonder how long
can you stall my release
but, my darling these things, well, they take time, you’ll see.

the afternoon sun
plays a wonderful trick
when it snuffs out the candle
and pinches the wick
and the words in the smoke
reading clearly and thick, say:
you belong to me

you pre-matriculate sipper of cigarettes
you always consummate, well-meaning suffragette
how can you know so much and always still forget
you belong to me

There’s a spring in your step
and a bob in your hair
a whispering voice
that compels you to care
while the brimstone rock n’ roll
burns through the air, singing:
you belong to me

the clock hands on the wall
are applauding us all
but they’re pointed at you
always at you

you are the star
in this symphony hall
and it echoes with you
always with you

oh, and they’ll say
our darling

our oleander

you’ve run the numbers
and written the books
you’ll hope that the rope holds
as long as your looks
while you paint up your cheeks
and you sharpen your hooks, knowing
you belong to me


from Live at the Liver of Dixie, released May 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Electric Moon Tuscaloosa

Electric Moon formed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama near the end of 2010. Since then, they have established a powerful reputation - both for the carefully constructed nuances of their music, and for their explosive live performances.

Their self-described mission is a simple one:

"Drive thunder and majesty back into rock and roll."
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