Tuscaloosa Monorail (EP)

by Electric Moon

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The Tuscaloosa Monorail EP collects the entirety of a filmed-for-television performance from late 2012.

Tuscaloosa Monorail is a local television program dedicated to the showcase of up-and-coming Alabama bands. Tuscaloosa Monorail is produced and directed by Marvin Video.


Tuscaloosa Monorail was recorded by the EMB Live Studio.
Tuscaloosa Monorail was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Max Blevins.



released April 15, 2013

All music and Lyrics composed and performed by Electric Moon.

Stuart Parker - Vocals / Keyboards / Guitar
Brian Ritchie - Bass Guitar
Michael Ryce - Drums / Percussion
Jake Gordin - Lead Guitar



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Electric Moon Tuscaloosa

Electric Moon formed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama near the end of 2010. Since then, they have established a powerful reputation - both for the carefully constructed nuances of their music, and for their explosive live performances.

Their self-described mission is a simple one:

"Drive thunder and majesty back into rock and roll."
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Track Name: Oh, Goddess!
We’ll fly
Between the sun and sky
And if you care to try
Then we can set alight the fields at night
To light our way and make our presence known
And send the mice all running home

We’ll scheme
Between the rock and stream
An interrupted dream
And should we start awake a bit too late
We’ll drag the sun back to his proper place
And scold him to his fiery face

And if ever you should think that I could leave you darling, dear
Just open up your heart and plainly see
That there’s nothing that can stand between us
Wrought by nature’s hand
Just say you will, and understand
Be my goddess and I’ll be your man

We’ll play
In oceanic fray
Illusionary spray
And if the seafoam should displease you
We’ll warm it up and make ourselves a cloud
To buffer us from sandy ground

We’ll hide
Inside a great divide
Impossible to find
And should one of us get lonely
The other can just make a silly face
And we’ll laugh aloud to light the place

We’ll go
Where no one else can know
A summer home of snow
And should the walls all seem too frigid
We’ll sing our favorite tune:
“Darling, you’re the one
you’re the moon to my sun
you’re the rhythm to my run”
Until we heat the room
Track Name: Kursk
Dear mother I write you
Your campaigning hero
While drowning my sorrows
Afield, in the west

I hope that this finds you
In good health and smiling
All things in good measure
You always knew best

The men don’t respect me
Though I lay them in laurels
They’re sated in killing -
The devil’s repast

But I drive them onward
They advance in reluctance
And the road signs salute me
When I stagger past

What is the measure of a man?
Is it his heart, or in his hands?
I can’t remember anymore
Please let me know
In your reply

I’ve still been pious
Devout in my prayers
The hymnal devotion
I show in all things

I sing to my rifle
My friend for all seasons
“You served me in winter
Now do so in spring.”

I’ve come to my purpose
This hateful confession
I was made for this madness
So here I must be

But I’ll be remembered
A man in two movement
A prince on the Volga
A god on the Seim

Oh mother, I’m certain
I can’t come home
Be it heaven’s designing
Or hell’s blackened scheme

There is no escaping
I’ve tasted tomorrow
And there’s no room in Russia
For nightmares like me
Track Name: Thunderclap